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Meeting Program

Duration of Talks
  • Plenary talks 30 min including discussion
  • Special lectures 45 min including discussion
  • Oral presentations 17 min including discussion


Day 1, May 28th (Sun)

Arrival & Registration


Plenary Talks (Speaker: Frank Uhlmann and Julie Cooper)
Special Lectures (Speaker: Paul Nurse and Yoshinori Ohsumi)

Day 2, May 29th (Mon) 09:00-21:00


Plenary Session 1. Autophagy (Chairs: Li-Lin Du and Hitoshi Nakatogawa)
Plenary Session 2. Cell Growth and Signaling (Chairs: Tomoyuki Fukuda and Ronit Weisman)


Plenary Session 3. Nucleus and Chromosomes (Chairs: Junko Kanoh and Frank Uhlmann)
Poster Session
Plenary Session 4. Mitosis and Checkpoint (Chairs: Fred Chang and Silke Hauf)

Day 3, May 30th (Tue) 08:30-21:00


Plenary Session 5. Chromatin and Gene Expression (Chairs: Karl Ekwall and Junichi Nakayama)
Plenary Session 6. Cell Polarity and Morphogenesis (Chairs: Fulvia Verde and Marisa Madrid)


Excursion to Hiroshima Peace Memorial and Miyajima
Concurrent Sessions A, B
Concurrent Session A. Transcription and Regulators (Chairs: Damien Hermand and Kunihiro Ohta)
Concurrent Session B. Omics and Bioinformatics (Chairs: Charlie Boone and Valerie Wood)

Day 4, May 31st (Wed) 09:00-21:00


Plenary Session 7. Epigenetics and Heterochromatin (Chairs: Yota Murakami and Genevieve Thon)


Plenary Session 8. Chemical Biology (Chairs: Charlie Hoffman and Minoru Yoshida)
Plenary Session 9. Schizosaccharomyces and Evolution (Chairs: Hironori Niki and Snezhka Oliferenko)
Poster Session
Concurrent Sessions C, D
Concurrent Session C. Protein Quality Control and Stress Response (Chairs: Elena Hidalgo and Reiko Sugiura)
Concurrent Session D. Modeling and Systems Biology (Chairs: Phong Tran and Dimitrios Vavylonis)

Day 5, June 1st (Thu) 09:00-21:00


Plenary Session 10. Meiosis and Differentiation (Chairs:Julie Cooper and Masamitsu Sato)


Plenary Session 11. DNA Recombination and Repair (Chairs: Hiroshi Iwasaki and Jo Murray)
Plenary Session 12. Cytokinesis and Cell Division (Chairs: Caroline Laplante and Dan Zhang)
Plenary Discussion: Frontiers and the Next (Lead: Paul Nurse, Panels: Jürg Bähler, Julie Cooper and Kaz Shiozaki)
Dinner and Discussion at Grand Prince Hotel

Day 6, June 2nd (Fri) 09:00-12:20


Session 13. DNA Replication and Genome Integrity (Chairs: Hisao Masai and Nick Rhind)
Session 14. Aging and Metabolism (Chairs: Benoit Arcangioli and Jürg Bähler)
Meeting close, (Departure)